conrad — Conference Radar

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conrad helps you track conferences and meetups on your terminal.

Here’s how it works:

$ conrad show

Why conrad?

  • 📅 Never miss CFP deadlines again. conrad remind can remind you every time you open a terminal!

  • 📊 Query and explore events using tags, names, locations, and dates. conrad show --cfp will tell you about events where the CFP is open!

  • 🤖 Crawlers update events twice a week! (Monday and Thursday at 00:00 UTC)


You can simply use pip to install conrad:

$ pip install conference-radar


Continuous updates

The event list is maintained in data/events.json. This list is continuously updated by the available crawlers using GitHub Actions.


Set reminders

You can set CFP reminders so that you never miss a deadline! The color changes based on event proximity:

$ conrad remind -i 6bb714
$ conrad remind


Add conrad remind to your shell startup file so that you get a reminder every time you open a new terminal!

Query and explore

You can query and explore the event database using various filters.

Look at events which have an open call for proposals (CFP):

$ conrad show --cfp

Look at conferences using a tag:

$ conrad show --tag python

Look at conferences using a name:

$ conrad show --name pycon

Look at conferences in a city, state or country:

$ conrad show --location usa

Look at conferences based on when they’re happening:

$ conrad show --date ">= 2019-10-01" --date "<= 2020-01-01"

Refresh event database

You can get the latest events using:

$ conrad refresh


The Contributor’s Guide has detailed information about guidelines around contributions. You can add new crawlers and events to conrad:


conrad uses Semantic Versioning. For the available versions, see the tags on the GitHub repository.


This project is licensed under the Apache License, see the LICENSE file for details.