conrad — Conference Radar

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conrad helps you track conferences and meetups on your terminal!

Here’s how it works:

$ conrad show

Why conrad?

  • 📅 Never miss CFP deadlines again. conrad remind can remind you every time you open a terminal!

  • 📊 Query and explore events using tags, names, locations, and dates. conrad show --cfp will tell you about events where the CFP is open!

  • 🤖 Crawlers upsert (update + insert) events once a week!


You can simply use pip to install conrad:

$ pip install conference-radar


The Contributor’s Guide has detailed information about guidelines around contributions. You can add new crawlers and events to conrad!


conrad uses Semantic Versioning. For the available versions, see the tags on the GitHub repository.


This project is licensed under the Apache License, see the LICENSE file for details.